Free Store & Free Hosting

No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees
  • Free online website builder.
  • Use a domain name for free.
  • No credit card needed because no hosting fees.

What's The Catch?

Free hosting is great if that is all you can afford, but it is never the ideal way to run an internet business. The shopping cart features and marketing tools you will get with a paid hosting plan, for as little as $3/month, will make your life much easier and open up a whole new world of money making possibities.

Below is our list of recommended e-commerce hosting options:

Choice #1: Free Hosting - Instantly publish your site using an online website builder. Connect it to your domain name for free and install an SSL certificate for free. To sell products or services, add a "Buy Now" button from a merchant provider such as PayPal or Stripe. But, this only gives you the most basic way to sell products, so you might also want to consider the rest of our hosting options.
Click Here For Free Hosting - $0/month

Choice #2: Low-Cost E-Commerce Hosting - Use WordPress to create your site. WordPress started many years ago as a blog publishing tool but now has evolved into a full website building platform, powering more than 1/3 of all websites. There are thousands of free plugins available, including WooCommerce which is the world's most popular e-commerce software. A problem with WordPress though is that it frequently gets hacked. A solution to the security problems is to use "Managed WordPress Hosting", which is where the web host proactively blocks hacking and other threats. WordPress is also usually slow loading, but with managed WordPress hosting, the server is specially optimized so the sites load much faster.
Click Here For Hostinger Managed WordPress Hosting - $3/month

Choice #3: Cloud E-Commerce Hosting - Managed WordPress in the cloud, giving you all sorts of advanced features that make running a server easier. And, unlike most hosts that try to lock you into long term commitments, with cloud hosting you only pay for exactly what you use, so you can cancel any time. If you like the sort of technology that Amazon and Google use, then this is the type of hosting you should choose.
Click Here For Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting - $10/month

Choice #4: Premium E-Commerce Hosting - If you plan to have a real online store, Shopify is your best choice. It specifically made for running e-commerce sites, and has handled over 1 billion orders for 1 million stores worldwide. Because it makes everything so easy, you can focus on running your business instead of spending time dealing with the technical issues. Some features that set it apart from a typical shopping cart include fraudulent order detection, abandoned cart recovery, wishlists, discount codes, upsells, gift cards, and the ability to print shipping labels. It also allows you to increase your sales by selling through multiple channels, not just your website. Put your products on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart Marketplace; and market your store through email, affiliates, giveaways, SEO, and advertising. All of this is integrated into one central dashboard where you can manage the store.
Click Here For Shopify E-Commerce Hosting - $29/month

Choice #5: Sales Funnels - If your dream is to become an internet millionaire, a sales funnel is the fastest way to accomplish that. Instead of having a traditional passive website where the visitor casually browses around, a sales funnel is made with the singular goal of turning a lead into a buyer. It starts with a landing page where potential customers are poured into the top of your funnel and then go through various stages of digital marketing tactics (special offers, emails, marketing videos, etc.) until they emerge as a paying customer. All of this is tracked and optimized so you can get it to where you are making more than you are spending on ads. Once this happens, you can increase your advertising and create an automated selling machine with limitless income potential.
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